How can we help?

Liberty Puzzle Whimsy Pieces of Hikers Helping Each Other


Why does my puzzle smell like burnt wood?

The puzzles are made by cutting them with a laser, which leaves a burnt wood smell on the puzzle. It will dissipate over time!

Are the puzzles rated by difficulty?

For the most part we don’t rate our puzzles because puzzle difficulty is highly variable from person to person. If you are looking for something “simpler”, we do have puzzles that are geared towards children with fewer and bigger pieces. If you are looking for something harder, the puzzles our customers have told us are especially difficult are searchable under the keyword “expert.”

Can the puzzles be glued?

We don’t recommend gluing your puzzles together. There is no guaranteed outcome for gluing your puzzle and you lose any chance of ever getting to do your puzzle again! Our frames offer a way to hold your puzzles together, as well as give you the opportunity to rebuild.

How do I get a blank box-top for my order?

Simply write "No Image Label" in your customer notes box when checking out! We'll know what to do.

Are there discounts or sales?

Because our puzzles are so labor intensive, we don’t have the margins to do discounts or sales.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

We do! Gift Certificates are sent out via e-mail. Visit our Gift Card page to place your order.

What size frame does my puzzle go in?

The price of your product is a good proxy for knowing your frame size:
  • Children's puzzles and extra small rounds go into Extra Small Frames.  
  •  Puzzles $85 and under go into Small Frames  
  • Puzzles $95-$115 go into Large Frames  
  • Puzzles $125 and up go into Extra-Large Frames 

To note: The Map of Florence has its own separate frame and shipping price due to its size. Pricing available upon request. 

Once you choose the correct frame size, we custom cut it to fit your specific puzzle exactly. Read additional framing guidelines at the bottom of our frame page.

Shipping & Taxes

How do the puzzles ship?

Puzzles going to physical addresses within the continental US will come UPS. PO Boxes, Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. Territories are shipped via USPS. International orders are shipped via FedEx.

How do I ship to an APO or Military address?

Yes. Enter the PO box in the address line. All orders to PO boxes will ship USPS (domestically) or FedEx (internationally).  If you have trouble, please reach out to us at:

When will my order ship?

Our lead times vary depending on order demand – we list our current lead times on each product page. To note: we do not ship over the weekends or holidays.

Why don’t orders placed over the weekend ship until Monday?

All our puzzles ship out of our factory in Boulder, which is closed Saturdays and Sundays (except for a handful of Saturdays in late November and December).

Does expedited shipping get delivered on the weekend?

Expedited shipping is only delivered during the week, Monday through Friday. There are some locations where there is Saturday delivery, but it should not be expected.

Does expedited shipping mean my puzzle will ship same day?

Expedited shipping only expedites the shipping process, not the production process. Lead times for puzzles are listed on each product page.

Can I pick up my order in Boulder, CO, instead of shipping it? How do I know when my Factory Pick-Up order is ready?

Yes. You can select “Pick Up” during the checkout process. You will be notified by email when your order is ready to be picked up at our factory store located at: 2526 49th Street, Boulder, CO 80301.

Why do I owe sales tax on my order if I live out of state?

If a business reaches a certain threshold for sales in a state, online orders are charged applicable sales tax. We currently are required to charge sales tax in all states.

Returns & Damages

Can I return a puzzle?

We can take back puzzles as long as they haven’t been out of the box. To start the return process, log in to your account and select the product you'd like to return. Once the return is approved, you will receive an email with directions on how to return it.  Note: you will be responsible for the cost of return shipping.

My puzzle is missing a piece / has a broken piece / I lost / I broke a piece – what can I do?

We can replace pieces! We have an honor system – if it is your fault, we ask you to pay $3. If we made the error, we will replace it for free. To start the process, please send an email to: and we will send you directions on how to get the ball rolling. Note: For puzzles missing more than 5 pieces, replacement is not always possible, but we evaluate on a case by case basis.


Do you have a corporate gift or wholesale program?

Yes. If you are looking to sell our puzzles in your store or want to buy large quantities as gifts, we are happy to chat. Visit our Corporate Gifts & Wholesale page for more information.

Can you make a puzzle from one of my personal photos?

Yes. We call those “Custom Puzzles”. To learn more about the process and costs, visit our Customs Puzzle page.

Can I take a tour of your factory?

Yes. We offer tours from 10-4pm Monday through Friday.  No reservation needed but small groups only please. Stop by at: 2526 49th Street, Boulder, CO 80301.
STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? Drop us an email at or call us between 8-5pm MT on Monday-Friday at 303-444-1442.