Decades of Tradition

Our History

Established in 2005 by Jeff Eldridge and Chris Wirth, Liberty Puzzles is the product of their shared passion for the rich history and social experience of wooden jigsaw puzzles.

Wirth’s great-grandmother was friends with the owners of Chagrin Falls wooden puzzles, which sprang up in the post-Depresssion era as a small, family company. The Wirth family inherited more than 100 Chagrin Falls puzzles, which quickly became the centerpiece of their family vacations. Piece by piece, hours of shared attention turned into generations of cherished family memories. The Wirths wanted other families to be able to have that same shared experience and hence the company was born. Liberty Puzzles are designed to bring the intricacy, craftsmanship, and beauty of classic wooden jigsaw puzzles to new generations of collectors. 

Some twenty years on, the founders are still at it — designing, manufacturing, and distributing heirloom-quality wooden jigsaw puzzles from their hometown of Boulder, Colorado, USA.

As of today, Liberty Puzzles proudly employs more than 100+ people including their first-ever employee across two facilities in Boulder county.
Co-owners (left to right): Sage Wirth, Jeff Eldridge, Chris Wirth
Chris Wirth (left), Jeff Eldridge (right) circa 2005
Since 1766

Wooden Puzzle History

Jigsaw puzzles were first known as dissected maps: John Spilsbury, a London mapmaker and engraver is largely credited with inventing the jigsaw puzzle in 1766. But, it was the 1930s that brought jigsaw puzzles to the masses through the golden age of jigsaw puzzles. The Great Depression left people searching for affordable forms of entertainment, and wooden jigsaw puzzles provided just that. This led to a worldwide jigsaw puzzle craze; it’s estimated that 30 million households in the U.S. were absorbing 10 million jigsaw puzzles a week. Jigsaw puzzles during this time were still made of wood and hand-cut using a scroll saw, but numerous companies sprang up to meet the new demand, eventually leading to the advent of even cheaper, easier-to-produce, die-cut puzzles. By the early 1940s, die-cut puzzles overwhelmed the market, leaving wooden jigsaw puzzles to become heirlooms of the original artform. Jigsaw puzzle collectors prize the classic wooden jigsaw puzzles that started this craze for their intricacy, craftsmanship, and the “heft” of the pieces. For the serious puzzler, there is nothing quite as satisfying as plunking a wooden piece into place.

Sample of Chris Wirth's personal Chagrin Falls collection
Honoring the Past with Excellence

What Makes Us So Special


Whimsy Pieces

Uniquely-cut pieces with a story
Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Whimsy Pieces of a Family


Locally Made

Made in Boulder, CO, for 20 years
Chautauqua Trail Liberty Puzzle Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle


Superior Materials

1/4" thick wood cut by lasers
Chautauqua Trail Wooden Puzzle Back


Artist Support

1000+ designs from talented artists
Linda Israel for Liberty Puzzles Profile


Piece Replacement

We'll remake/replace a lost piece 
Liberty Puzzle Eagle Whimsy Piece


Exquisite Packaging

Beautiful collector's item or gift
"Since Covid we have done 118 puzzles. I was not a puzzle person but Liberty is not a typical puzzle. Like saying you don’t like wine if you have only had 2 buck Chuck!!”

Abbie S.

Puzzling Enthusiast

“Over the years you have bought many, many puzzles. When I tremble at the cost, I try to think how much a therapist or a meditation counselor would charge.”

Marjorie S.

Liberty Fan

“My husband and I had a great time putting the puzzle together. Now we’ll have an even better time when the family arrives over the Holidays, and we can share the fun with them. It’s such a delight to see the faces of those you love the most as you’re working on a puzzle.”


Family Puzzler

“My wife and I camp a lot in our trailer and we always have a Liberty Puzzle going on the dining table. We probably have about 20 Liberty puzzles. Our 5 and 7 year old grandsons love to work on the adult size ones. Your graphics and quality are second to none. We keep converting our friends that that think they can just start with the edge pieces and fill in the middle like their cardboard wannabes!


Traveling Puzzler

I love your puzzles - you have the best puzzle designer in all of wooden puzzle land. Your puzzles make my every day


Puzzle Design Fan

Our Mission

Sit Long, Talk Much

We design Liberty Puzzles to deliver hours of entertainment and believe they are best enjoyed in good company. So, set your phone down, gather your loved ones around a Liberty Puzzle and spend some quality time together!



Liberty Puzzles are meant to pay homage to the original wooden jigsaw puzzles of the past few centuries. We aim to create new traditions while honoring old.

Time Together

There is nothing more valuable than time with other human beings whom you love. We hope a Liberty Puzzle can be one of the ways that people come together and enjoy each other's company.
Behind The Scenes

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