Wholesale Order Boxes of Liberty Puzzles

Corporate Gifts & Wholesale Inquiries

Liberty Puzzles is a small business that produces handmade classic wooden jigsaw puzzles all right in Boulder, CO.  We sell puzzles directly to the public on our website and in our Boulder store but also love to partner with people who need larger quantities for things such as:

  • Employee Gifts
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Party/Event Gifts
  • Wholesale Opportunities
  • Large Quantity/Bulk Orders

To note:  As a small business and large local employer, we take pride in providing a fair wage, full healthcare benefits and a retirement savings program for all employees.  This along with the quality materials and craftsmanship needed to create our puzzle means Liberty Puzzles cannot offer straight keystone pricing.  We do offer discounts for organizations wishing to partner with us when quantities are high enough.


Let's Chat! Please reach out to Eric Meyer to discuss potential opportunities. We usually respond within 2-3 business days if not quicker.

  • Contact: Eric Meyer
  • Email: eric@libertypuzzles.com
  • Phone: (303) 204-5352


Sit Long, Talk Much!

Jeff & Chris